Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Apparently, Melissa wants jewellery for Christmas

Since Melissa is surfing the web checking out other people's jewellery (I think she has her eye on Marnie's new Disney necklace), I thought I'd answer her question and show her what my ring looks like. I'm not sure which one you were asking about Melissa, but here's the pinkie ring I bought about 20 years ago at some roadside jewellery stand in Arizona...
pinkie ring

And here's the one my husband found under the seat of our old van, just before we sold it (the van, that is). Nobody else claimed it, so finders keepers.
thumb ring
Anyone else have jewellery to show Melissa? Perhaps, if you find a ring under the seat of YOUR van, you can send it to Melissa and make her Christmas a happy one.

UPDATE: Oh. My. Gosh. Did I just post pictures of my MOTHER'S hands? When did mine start looking like hers? There's some serious roadmaps on those hands!


Liz said...

I don't think I'd be as able as you are to show such a close up of my hands. But, if Melissa wants to start a bidding war over my jewelry, I'd be more than happy to offer up a few selections that I don't wear everyday. I may just get my teenage girls to model them, though.

Anonymous said...

Those rings are so pretty. I especially like your "found under the van seat" ring. The only things I find other my car seats are old french fries and pennies. Sometimes a gum wrapper.

But hey, who told you I wanted Jewellery? Are you Canadian AND psychic? Either way, thank you for putting the word out that I am accepting holiday gifts! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your turquoise!

(Apparently Melissa doesn't know that all Canadians are psychic.. don't clue her in yet.. we could have some fun with it.)


Pamela said...

Your hands look fine
My hands looked like my mothers when I was six. Some weird birth defect I guess (:

I'm going to show Melissa one of my strange pieces I think

Anvilcloud said...

My hands look like my father's. I used to wonder why he had prominent veins and I didn't. But now I do. Oh well.

The very nice man said...

I see you posted your own handywork again!!
Sorry, it's one of those days!

Karla said...

Very pretty rings. I especially like the thumb ring.

Oddly enough, I don't think my hands will take after my moms because I have long skinny fingers and she has short little nubs. Considering the fabulous condition her skin is in though, I would love to age as gracefully as her.

Judy said...

And, I was just thinking to myself how YOUNG your hands look!

I gave up demo-ing for Stampin Up because I was so embarrassed about my hands. Somehow, I manage to be okay with being fat with thinning hair...but, the hands...that's another thing completely.

Beautiful rings, too!

BarnGoddess said...

I just looked at my own hands......sad!

Vicki said...

Makes me want to post my rings, and then maybe Pam will link to them. =-)

I like the pinky ring. The story behind the thumb ring makes it a keeper.

Linda said...

Those are beautiful hands and I'm always impressed that you wear your rings so well. My hands, well that's another story. I will post my favourite ring on my blog but it's not for sale.

Hope said...

Yep, I can attest, the hands are a sure signvof aging, I posted a picture of my hand with my granddaughters. When i saw the picture thought... oh god those really do look like grandma hands!. oh yeah ...and your lips disappear.....just giving you something to look forward to lol.
My favorite ring?, a brilliant sapphire, which I got when my husband purchased an outragously expensive Ping golf club. I called it my "Ring for a Ping, campaign.