Thursday, July 30, 2009

A sad ending but a happy beginning - the Wreck this Journal finale

This is my fourth morning wrapped in the loving arms of my creative sanctuary. Aaaaahhhhh! This is so much fun, I'm dreaming of quitting my job and figuring out how to make a living doing what I love right here in this studio. This morning I wrote a "how I can quit my job and still have food on the table" list, and I'm pretty sure I can do this within the next year.

Part of the fun in my studio yesterday morning involved the final "chapter" of the Wreck this Journal saga - a saga that has been very closely aligned with the creating of my studio, and the dreaming and building of my new website (it's happening people!). For this particular wrecking, I decided to explore the intersection between creativity and destruction, while I figured out a way to commemorate and immortalize the Journal as a symbol (and as a companion) of my creative journey.

Check out what I created with my wreckage! And if you stick around right to the bitter end, you'll catch a glimpse of the "history of the artist as a young woman". I'm won't tell you everything, but it involves something about paper dolls and horses...

Here are some links to some earlier wreckage...
The beginning (including the pictures of hiding a page in the wall)
Wrecking with the kids (includes bicycles, swings, and a Slurpee machine)
Wrecking with a friend (and a generous stranger)
Wrecking graveside (visiting my son's burial place)


kikipotamus said...

What a great idea to turn that old desk into a memory board! Your path is so rich right now with self-discovery and creativity, I look forward to each new post.

judi said...

I want to decorate a small space in my Bathroom with pages.. my daughter thinks.. probably not!

oh ..I dont know what to say. I just saw your graveside video. How you touched my heat. My son died of AIDS at age 38. I have no graveside to visit, he was creamated in California and I didnt received his ashes. Your video will haunt me.. I send my love.

Grammy said...

That is so awesome! I love what you did. I know a product called liquid glass is great to create a permanent beautiful glass like finish. I have really enjoyed your wreckage.

Lawendula said...

Wonderful idea- the page in the wall.
Endings ARE beginnings- so happy creating on!

Melinda said...

love this idea and how it will be incorporated into your daily life where you can SEE it! My current desk top is plastic.....so doubtful I could decoupage on it! haha

WrightStuff said...

That's proper wrecking and a great way to remember your journey! I loved the idea of embedding a page in the wall as a blessing on your creative space. Imagine what the next occupants of your house will think if they find it!

Jamie Ridler said...

Beautiful! I loved going through the journey of your desktop. I just know all of those beautiful images will be an inspiration as you step into this next amazing stage of your life!
I'm excited to see what you get up to!

Deb Owen said...

That's fantastic! Now I can't wait to see where you are a year from now!

All the best!

Kim said...

What a great idea. You will be inspired by your many beautiful memories and your wonderful wrecking as you sit at your desk!

lv2scpbk said...

I don't know anything about the wrecked journal but wish I would have got in on it when it first started. Looks great.

I also started a new meme called Craft it Wednesday to show off your crafts or just to get more traffic on your blog. Take a look.

Linnea said...

I'm grinning all over myself. What a fun idea! (I'm also eying my daughter's old nightstand. It's trying to hide from me.)

This is a great way to chronicle where you've been and where you're going. Best wishes on your journey.

Accidental Poet said...

cool idea.

Hybrid J said...

What an awesome idea to decorate your table. Fantastic work! :)

Melita said...

it was really great sharing in the wrecking journey with you. you are an amazing lady and an amazing wrecker ;)

judiPatootie said...

I'm going to do a gravemarker rubbing today .you have inspired me.. I have a gggUncle who is the reason my dads family was able to come to th USA

The Other Laura said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the journey...

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