Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I like to take pictures

Sometimes the eye aches for the things you have seen.
You open a forgotten photo
And the physical pain of memory and longing washes over you
The indescribable green of the rice paddy
The heat of the tropical sun beating on your unaccustomed face
The kindness of strangers with sun-blocking umbrellas
The faraway sounds of villages celebrating Holi day
The laughing children covered in mud
The grinning farmer and his shy daughter in their potato field
The dancing grandma with the red sari
The boats lingering on the canal
The face of the young boy catching the lingering rays as the sun descends
It all comes back to you in that instant


bbb said...

Well put!

Pamela said...

The only sense you didn't mention was smell.

So many of my memories are summoned by an aroma from the past.

Anvilcloud said...

You have some great ones for sure.

vicki said...

very well said.

you should paint this photograph and then write that blog post on the back of it. date it. sign it.

your an inspiration.

sarah said...

I love how you see things!