Sunday, December 02, 2007

Good news!

1. Joe Banana has been found! (Daddy wins the prize for the best Dad ever for finding him.) At this very moment, he is curled up in his bed with his very best friend. There's a little reunion conversation going on in there, and I'm a little tempted to sit outside the door and eavesdrop, but I will resist. (By the way, if you were one of the nice people at the retreat who showed concern about Joe's disappearance, you can't imagine how touching that was. You can tell you hang out with a cool community of friends when they take an interest in a five-year-old's stuffed monkey.)

2. While half of the family was gone to a church retreat, Nikki got called up to play with the developmental team. (A real game this time - not just a practice.) Her first game with a more competitive team and... SHE SCORED THE FIRST GOAL of the game! So it wasn't only a mother's bias that she was good enough - she rocks! My only regret is that I missed her big moment.


Stephanie said...

So happy to hear that Joe Banana has returned! I was hoping the story would have a happy ending.

And yay for Nikki! Rock on soccer girl!!

Pamela said...

bloglines didn't have this newest post up, so I was prepared to commiserate with you over the lost pal.

But instead we celebrate --he is found. YEAH!!!!

Anvilcloud said...

Praise be! Two things to be thankful for.

Linda said...

Glad that Joe was found-safe and sound, I hope. Now everyone can sleep well again.