Friday, November 30, 2007

All points bulletin

Joe Banana is missing!

If anyone should see a small, friendly, furry little monkey wandering past your home, looking a little lost, PLEASE let me know. There's a sad little five-year-old girl in our home, who's having trouble falling asleep at night without her buddy.

And if he isn't found... well, then the present the older sisters bought for the five-year-old for Christmas just won't be of any use.

Here's a picture of Joe in happier times, before he wandered off to places unknown. I'm getting a little choked up just looking at his smiling face. (Okay, I AM pathetic - I'm feeling all sad for a lost stuffed monkey.)

Maddie and Joe on the boardwalk in Duluth
Oh Joe, where did you go?


Michele said...

This is no ordinary stuffed toy. This is Joe Banana. We will pray for his safe return.

ccap said...

No, NO, say it isn't so! Joe?! Where have you gone?


A nation turns its lonely eyes to you
Woo woo woo

Gina said...

Awwww, I hope you guys find him soon!

karla said...

Funny you mentioned this, I swear I just saw a monkey wander on by my house this morning. You don't suppose he hitched a ride to Toronto to be in this seasonably warmer "banana belt" climate do you?

Linda said...

Oh no! Have you retraced your steps? I promise that if I see him at my end of town I will chase after him and tell him to get on home!

Anonymous said...

On the lookout for Joe in Alaska!

~ Donna

Liz said...

If I see him in Maryland, I'll be sure to slap a few stamps on him and send him back to Winnipeg, pronto!