Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Today I am thankful for...

- the colour green

- rowboats on the river

- my lovely Trek bicycle, and the way it rode so smoothly this morning with the freshly pumped-up tires

- Maddie’s tag-along bike, and the way she bounces happily along behind me when we ride to soccer games together

- a shower in the basement of my office building for when I sweat my way to work on warm mornings like this one

- that my children are not as whiny or disrespectful as some of the children on the soccer field (yeah, I know I sound catty, but I'm still thankful)

- the flowering trees along my morning bike path

- that I don’t always have a rash on my chin, and that it doesn’t look as bad as it feels

- a few minutes to watch my beautiful niece play last night

- that this morning’s conference call went better than most

- creative ideas

- colour

- that Maddie hasn’t woken up during the night the last few nights and that her breathing is nearly back to normal

- sandals

- my new second-hand linen skirt that swooshes around my legs when I walk

- that I’ll get to relax in another lovely bed and breakfast next week

- the tulips someone planted amidst the wild grass along the river pathway

- the anticipation of a picnic

- a little break from soccer tonight

- jolly rancher candies

- a good book to read (Honeymoon in Purdah – I highly recommend it)

- a cup of tea

- sunshine


Karmyn R said...

That is nice - all simple things but good. We should all be so thankful.

Accidental Poet said...

you've got some pretty freaky formatting going on there ...

Whippersnapper said...

I'm thankful I have your blog to read. That sounds really corny, but I mean it. =>

Pamela said...

nice response from whippersnapper.
and true.

when you mentioned the daffodils it reminded me of some narcissus that grew in a meadow near my home as a child.

That was my indication that spring was alive and well - and so was I.

Lucia said...

Ooohh! You have a new Trek!

I've been trying to bike to work, but it still isn't the norm, but rather an exception.

Gina said...

I'm so with you on the sandals!

And glad Maddie is doing better!

karla said...

OOOOOHHHH! AHHHHHH! Linen! I love linen, but I'm so lazy about ironing it.

Speaking of tea, have you ever tried mint flavoured green tea? I just tried some the other day and it was delish.

BarnGoddess said...

those are good things to be thankful for.

especially the color green and you kids behaving.

Nothing makes me more thankful than my kids not being the brats for once!