Thursday, May 04, 2006

I just gotta ask...

Are there REALLY professional competitive eaters? And they have an international federation?? Huh?

If this 4 year old child can run 65 kilometres, why does MY 4 year old child whine about walking 2 blocks to the store?

Does anyone REALLY need a vibrating razor blade with five blades? (Wince. Sorry Marcel :-)

Snakes on a blog? Huh? People obsessed with a movie (Snakes on a Plane) that hasn't even come out yet? Nothing better to do with their time?

Is disposophobia for real? Are there really people living with that much junk? Aren't you glad you're not one of them?

If I get one of these kitschy Jesus figurines, will it wash all our sports worries away?

Why do so many spammers think I need to enlarge my manhood? And what's up with the green tea lately? If I had a large "manhood" and drank more green tea, would the spammers leave me alone?

If there are professional eaters and disposophobics, isn't it pretty clear that we have an overconsumption problem in North America?


Michele said...

there was an article a while back about a woman who was killed when she was smothered by her stuff. her husband thought she was probably looking for her purse. the rescuers had to crawl over stuff on their hands and knees because it was up to the ceiling. i guess i have a long way to go before i collect that much stuff...

Judy said...

Oh, dear.

There but for the grace of God go I.

My husband and i once passed a car in a mall parking lot that had only a small hole in which for the driver to sit. It was packed full of junk above the height of the seats, everywhere.

We gasped audiblly.

Linda said...
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Linda said...

I always wondered how Marcel managed to have such a cleanly shaven face. Now I know!

Jenell said...

Doesn't enlarging one's manhood also have something to do with overconsumption?

Janet said...


I just dropped by because I noticed, in your profile, that you enjoy the music of the Wailin' Jennys. I travel on business to Canada a couple of times a year but actually discovered the Jennys because of Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2 here in the UK. Their last CD is in both my husband's AND my own CD player all the time.

Really interesting blog...and I'll be back to read more from time to time!