Friday, May 26, 2006

I guess it's just not my day today

First of all, I arrived at work on my bike (in biking attire), went to the bathroom to change into my work attire, and discovered that I'd forgotten to bring a shirt to wear under my blazer. So here I am, wearing my stinky biking t-shirt under a businessy suit. And wouldn't ya know it - there's a stain on the collar of the shirt because I wore this particular stinky sweaty biking t-shirt the last time I coloured my hair.

And why am I WEARING a businessy suit when I usually dress more casually? Well, I had to "work the booth" at a United Church conference this morning, and thus had to do some of that small talk that I loathe. Standing at a booth trying to engage people who are trying to avoid your eye is not my idea of a good time, ESPECIALLY when I'm feeling self-conscious about wearing a stained stinky sweaty bike shirt.

AND as I was walking to the conference - a little late because I'd tried to buy a cheap replacement shirt at a bargain store but had no luck - I decided to jaywalk to get there a little faster. I started to dart across the street, and realized that I would be obstructing the traffic that was turning and had the right of way. Not only that, but one of the cars stopped at the intersection was a POLICE CAR. Fortunately, he had better things to do than give me a jaywalking ticket.

I think I'll spend the rest of the afternoon in my office hiding in my stinky stained not-so-sweaty-anymore biking shirt.


Hope said...

LOL I feel your pain . I was camping on the weekend, and broke the arm on my sunglasses.... duct tape to the rescue.
Yesterday when i picked up my son from school, I put them on, chatted up the other mom's waiting at the school.
I then realized I had that big ole wad of duct tape on my sunglasses. I am such a loser
I HAVE to laugh at myself.
It's friday, what the hell?

Judy said...

Oh, but take heart! Days like this make the others sweeter!

(and you made me laugh!)

Linda said...

I'm sure that people noticed your sparkling personality and NOT the stain on your shirt. :)

Liz said...

See, it wasn't so bad...you didn't get a jaywalking ticket!

Simply Coll said...

Oh my goodness. I get this completely. I bet you were glad to see this day end.

Dale said...

Fear not, Heather. We United Church people are a pretty forgiving bunch. You must have been so self-conscious, poor thing.