Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Winter wonderland

Winter made a dramatic entrance in our part of the world this week. On Sunday, it was a beautiful Fall day. On Monday, winter came. On Tuesday, we could barely leave our homes.

You have two choices around here when it comes to winter - you can whine and complain about it for months, or you can embrace it. I do a little bit of both. By the end of 4 or 5 long cold months, I get a little whiny. But at the beginning, when a blanket of fresh sparkly snow turns this place into a winter wonderland, I love it. Yesterday, as I trudged through a foot of snow in my heavy duty winter boots, down sidewalks that had yet to be cleared, I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty all around me - drooping branches tipped with white, fire hydrants with fluffy white hats, bundled children - showing nothing but their eyes - tossing snowballs at each other and laughing - it was all good. The girls and I spent about an hour outside last night, having a snowball fight, clearing snow off ccap's car (it's parked in our driveway), playing, and taking pictures. Julie tried to make a snowman, but it's not really the right kind of snow (yes, for those uninitiated southerners, there ARE different KINDS of snow).

Yes, we have 4 distinct seasons here - aren't we lucky?


Accidental Poet said...

Nice pictures!

ccap said...

Yup, I marveled at the beauty of it on our way to the doctor's too. And hey, if we're being Pollyanna may as well mention that going to the doctor's on a snow day is possibly the best way to do it. Nearly everyone cancels. There's no wait and the receptionists are super friendly because they have little to do.

Judy said...

Here in Michigan, we are experiencing the wet slushy stuff.

I'm trying not to whine.

Simply Coll said...

I admit the snow caught me off guard... but I always love the first snow. This one was was exceptionally plentiful and beautiful. Luckily we did not have to drive in it until today.
Love your photos!

Gina said...

I am extremely jealous!

You are not going to believe it, but it was 90 degrees yesterday and about 86 degrees today.

I am a total Yank, I have no clue how to convert that to Celsius.

Stephanie said...

Ooh! There is definitely something beautiful and amazing about that first big snowfall. We won't get snow around here until January or February, so I'll be happy to just enjoy the pictures of yours.