Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Road trip over

Back in Calgary.
Road trip is over.
I survived enemy territory.
There were several awkward moments, like when the person-who-shall-remain-nameless introduced herself to the person next to me (who had travelled here from Kenya) as "the person who used to work for XXX until HEATHER fired me."
People were friendly, though guarded.
There was a giant "elephant" in the room that everyone saw and no-one mentioned.
The road trip was fun - I love miles and miles of open road with nothing and no-one in the car but me and my thoughts.
Found a great radio station - alternative/indie with lots of fun music and no commercials.
Called a good friend for moral support as I sat in the car trying to mentally prepare myself - she came through for me. Thank God for friends.
I'm only in Calgary for a few moments and then I rush out to pick up my boss at the airport and head to Red Deer - next leg of the road trip.
Thanks for joining me on my road trip :-) Your presence gave me strength.


ccap said...

Glad to hear that dreaded meeting is over and done with. Hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly.

Michele said...

glad that when i've checked for signs of life you've been alive and kicking. alberta IS gun country, after all. (ooh now i'll have all the albertans after me...)

Simply Coll said...

Glad everything went well.
Drive safe.

Dale said...

Safe journey home, Heather. And thanks for thinking of us. We've been thinking of you, too.

Irene S said...

You went to Red Deer? So jealous.. tht is my howntown... Hi Mom and Dad!! Soon I hope....