Sunday, March 20, 2005

Maddie, part 3

Yes, I'm writing about Maddie again. It's been HER weekend (her birthday on Friday and then her party today), so I guess for now she gets the spotlight.

She's upstairs singing lullabies to the "little peanut" in her tummy. Since Auntie Cyndi and Uncle J-L have been talking about the "little peanut" growing in Auntie Cyndi's tummy, Maddie has decided there's a baby in HER tummy too. When Daddy asked how it got there, she said "well, I ate a peanut yesterday." A few minutes ago, she called from her bed wanting some water, I brought her a glass, and after taking a sip, she looked down at her tummy and said "you're thirsty, eh little peanut?" And then, not long afterwards, Nikki walked by her room and heard her singing "Rock-a-bye baby" to her tummy. Smile.

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Auntie Sue (Maddie's, not yours) said...

And while you were posting that, she was on the phone with Uncle Brad, telling him "I can't talk to you again!" after she'd hung up on him without telling either of her parents that he'd called ...the cutest part of the whole episode was Maddie standing in one place yelling "Daddy!! The guy wants to talk to you!!" over and over and over again ...