Saturday, March 26, 2005

Help! Throw me the life line!

Today I'm drowning in a sea of laundry. Yes, if you've been reading my post, you'll know by now that laundry is my albatross. I'm never caught up, there are always stacks and stacks of it in my laundry room, and nearly every morning I have to hunt for socks or underwear for some member of the family. Today, I was determined to catch up, but I'm only half done, the day is more than half over, and I can feel the energy waning already. Drat!

The good news is... at least there are a few less poopy panties in the laundry. Maddie has finally decided that pooping on the potty is preferable to carrying it around with her in her underwear. Yeah! I won't beat the victory drum yet, but we may be on our way to being DONE with diapers and pull-ups in this house!


Anonymous said...

I always feel like swearing when I'm finished laundry. In a good way. If there is such a thing.

Mel said...

I totally feel your pain.