Saturday, March 26, 2005

Here comes the bride

How does one prepare for the wedding of your mother? It seems they don't write self-help books for this. At least I haven't found one yet.

Yes, it's official. He gave her the ring, bought her a dress, and they set a date. No less than 6 weeks from tomorrow. That's not much time to get used to the idea of another man sharing my mother's bed.

I'm trying not to make this about me. I want her to be happy. I don't want her to be lonely for the rest of her life. I like Paul, and I think he's good for her. I just wish it didn't have to happen so quickly. I hope it doesn't change her too much.

Nikki's worried that she might have to see them kiss at the wedding. It's a bit much for us all to get used to.


Anonymous said...

Today A called him "Grandpa", not to his face, but when she was talking about him, and I just ACHED for that kind of instant acceptance.

Heather said...

My kids (at least the oldest 2) are a long way away from "instant acceptance".

Anonymous said...

I know. A often baffles me. B didn't realize they were getting married until this morning, and then he asked if we had to go to their wedding :)