Thursday, January 07, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words

Today I am posting this picture simply because it made me smile yesterday when I came across it in one of our work publications.

It makes me smile and it helps me to remember that I've lived a good life. I have been privileged to walk on foreign soil many times. And I will do it again and again. This was taken almost exactly 5 years ago in Kenya, and yes, that's me with a little less hair, a little less weight, and a fly on my cheek. And a huge grin on my face because I was doing what I love most in the world - going on a journey. And meeting fascinating people. And letting the world change me.

This is what I wrote on my very first post on this blog, when I was preparing for my first trip to Africa:
I won’t expect that my English words are somehow endued with greater wisdom than theirs. I will listen and let them teach me. I will open my heart to the hope and the hurt. I will tread lightly on their soil and let the colours wash over me. I will allow the journey to stretch me and I will come back larger than before.
I believe I did what I set out to do - allowed the journey to stretch me. And I've done that on every journey since.

I'm looking forward to seeing what journeys will stretch me this year.


Anvilcloud said...

Photos are such great reminders and links to ourselves and others.

mil-lee-cents said...

Beautiful Heather. Absolutely beautiful. Our journey and growth in life is such a beautiful thing. it's so nice to see someone with the courage to blog about it.
I'm still building up the momentum to get real in my writing. I hope I can. I can still feel the wall within blocking me from speaking my truth.
Kudos to you.
Absolutley beautifuuly put.