Tuesday, August 04, 2009

One step closer

It's official... I'm launching my new site on Thursday! (Keeping my fingers crossed that there are no snags, now that I've said it out loud.)

I am so excited! (And a little bit nervous.) This feels like the coming together of so many dreams, so much of my own giftedness, and so many of the ideas, values, and bits of wisdom I've picked up over the years.

It's been an incredible couple of weeks preparing for this. My creative juices have been working overtime in my lovely little studio. (Sometimes even late at night when I've woken up with a great idea.) I've spent every morning here and it's been so much fun, that I haven't minded sacrificing my normal sleeping-in routine of holidays. I've connected with some amazing people, I've gotten several beautiful pieces of art to surround me with inspiration, and I have felt so loved and encouraged every step of the way. It's gone so well, in fact, that those little internal gremlins that like to cast shadows on hope have been warning me that I should be prepared for "the other shoe to fall". Perhaps failure really IS lurking just around the corner, but for now I'm going to believe that only success lies ahead for this little labour of love.

In celebration of the big launch, I've decided to throw a party, despite the fact that my house is in a sad state of disrepair and messiness. I'm just going to believe that anyone who believes in my little dream enough to come celebrate with me won't be looking into the corners for dust mites or cobwebs (or broken toys, or last week's laundry, or the camping equipment that hasn't been put away yet, or... the list goes on and on).

If you happen to live close enough to my house (in Winnipeg, Manitoba) and want to come to the party, I'd be delighted to have you here. Leave a comment with your contact info and I'll send you an invitation. (Sorry guys, this one's for women only.)

One last thing... I just feel like I should say a great big THANK YOU to you my faithful blog readers. You have all been such a source of encouragement and support to me that you've helped me believe that I really can do this.

Who knew - when I started this fearless journey at the beginning of the year - that I would end up here? Be careful what you wish for!


Olivia said...

I've recently began following your blog and love it!

I am excited for you and your new adventure! Best of luck!

leah creates said...

Squeee! I could not be happier about your pending launch! I'm so excited for you! I think that my word of the year is likely 'fearless', too, although I didn't realize it until just now! I've done so many fearless things this year (even though I was fearful of the outcome at the time I did them).

Thank you for inspiring me, darling. I'm so glad to have been a part of the birth of this new adventure of yours, in whatever small way. =)

Anvilcloud said...

And to think I had already pointed my car towards The Peg.

Glenda and Rob said...

Heather, I have quietly been following your blog ever since I met you that summer a few years back at that wonderful dinner party Michele threw. I haven't really commented because I never felt I had much to add. Your posts have always inspired me; challenged me and given me a little more insight into who you are and somehow into myself too.
I just want to add my congratulations with your new project launch this Thursday and how I wish I could be there to help you celebrate. Just know I'll be over here in Ontario waiting for the pictures and the post on all the festivities and sending all my warmest wishes right back to you.

Pamela said...

congratulations. I'm so envious.