Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Because it calls me

If I can, I try to make a pilgrimage to my dad's grave about once a year or so. (You can see a video of last year's pilgrimage here.) For the past month, I've been feeling a real longing to make the trek across the prairie, so I did it yesterday.Those of you who knew him will understand why I could only bring a raucous bouquet of wild flowers in a re-purposed bottle - Dad would have it no other way.

To read a little more about the journey I took, you can read about it at my other site.

As a bonus shot, here's a sunflower field I just couldn't resist photographing along the way. Did you know that, even on an overcast day like yesterday, the sunflowers still turn their faces toward the sun? Wish I could remember to do the same.


Stephanie said...

I love that last paragraph.

I wish I could remember to do the same too.

Glenda and Rob said...

Heather, I just spent the past 20 minutes or so following your references to your other site- then on to Bradi's thoughts and some bits and bobs from her blog; and all I can say is these few words: Thank you for everything.

Anvilcloud said...

I had almost forgotten Manitoba's sunflower fields. I don't think I've ever seen them anywhere else. Thanks for the reminder.

Liz said...

That sunflower field is amazingly beautiful!