Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home again

I am back home after 5 days spent in Southern Ontario. It was a good trip - a decent mix of exploring the countryside in a lovely little rental car, meeting some of our long-time donors, staying in a gorgeous bed and breakfast, attending a thought-provoking conference, getting to interview one of my writing heroes (more on that later), wandering along the lake on a beautiful afternoon (yes, I WAS there to work, but I couldn't resist some wandering in between meetings and working the crowd at a couple of display booths). There were a few challenges, but the good out-weighed the bad. And it ended on a really REALLY good note, so I came home happy.

I've got lots of pictures, and I'll get to them soon, but for now I thought I'd share some of the "coming home" shots. I had a window seat and the most amazing light, so I managed to snap a few aerial shots that I'm rather fond of. The first one (above) shows the sun reflecting on the lake through the mist. The third one shows the lovely patchwork of the prairies in harvest season.


Anonymous said...

Okay I want to know who the writing hero is.

Also you can interview me any time (insert cheesy grin)

Janet said...

Heather, I'm really anxious to hear all about your writing hero, too, so I'll be eagerly awaiting that post.

LOVE the aerial photos from the plane. Sometimes it's up there, in a plane, where some of the best thoughts and ideas come from.


Liz said...

Beautiful pictures.

It sounds like a very successful trip.

Linda said...

Welcome home!