Friday, July 18, 2008

She likes me, she really likes me

When I get home from work these days, Maddie likes to talk. And talk. Incessantly. We go for a bike ride – she talks. I do laundry – she talks. I wash the supper dishes – she talks. I try to get her to go to bed – she talks.

Yesterday she was telling me about a show she’d watched with her sisters. I think it’s called Wife Swap? (Where 2 women switch homes for a week.) Apparently one of the families lived a rather chaotic and crazy lifestyle and liked pretending they were pirates. The other family was much more structured and organized and the wife and daughter were more into girlie things.

I asked her “so… if I were to switch with another mom for a week, what kind of woman would you want it to be?”

“Well,” she said, and thought about it for awhile. “Someone kinda organized, but still a lot of fun.” And then she smiled. “Just like you.”

Good answer.


ccap said...


Pamela said...

the little diplomat!

Cecily said...

Just caught up on your last couple of posts... and I almost feel like I'm in summer. Nice, comfortable, at peace posts. (Oh, except the performance appraisal post... do you guys actually do that? We're always told it should happen every year, but I'm yet to see it!) Thanks Heather. :-)

Janet said...

PERFECT answer, wasn't it?

Bless her!