Monday, July 14, 2008

Another year, another Folk Fest

Another great weekend is behind us. We danced, we ate whales' tails, we listened to good music, we tried to hide from the rain, we dreamed about buying funky (but too expensive) clothes from the handmade village, we wandered, we mused, we got muddy, we talked to friends, we people-watched, we pointed out all the old regulars, we reminisced about the over 20 years of history we'd seen in this place, we shared moments with our offspring who've attended every year of their lives... aaahhhh, we had fun. It's always such a let-down to see it end.

Just a few memories to hang onto as we go through withdrawal... (As you can see, we enjoyed a wide variety of weather.)


Stephanie said...

I always look forward to hearing about Folk Fest every year :) What a great slide show you put together!

Anvilcloud said...

Another spin of the cycle of life. We had our Celtfest too.

ccap said...

Very cool!

Karmyn R said...

There is a similar Festival just South of here that 20 years ago no one had heard of...now it is so popular you have to buy tickets beforehand to attend. Kind of sad that its "hippy" roots have turned so commercial.

Janet said...

Heather, who'd you hear that you especially enjoyed?