Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Action Sandwich?

I stopped at the mall last night to pick up some pictures, and on my way through Chapters Bookstore, I heard some familiar music playing and decided to investigate. Alan Frew from Glass Tiger was doing an old familiar tune, and because I was once a bit of a Glass Tiger fan (I saw them perform live back in the early 90s), I hung around a bit to try to figure out why Alan Frew was in a bookstore.

Turns out he's written a book. "The Action Sandwich - a six-step recipe to success by doing exactly what you're already doing." Huh - isn't that handy - I can do EXACTLY what I'm already doing and end up successful?

I haven't read the book, so I suppose I have no right to be judgmental, but I just can't help myself. Does the world really NEED another self-help/motivational book about six easy steps to success? Especially one from a rock star?

I enjoyed this quote from an Amazon review of the book... "During a reminiscence of meeting and singing with Rod Stewart, Frew states "Who'd believe it?" and goes on to declare, "The Action Sandwich would!", referring to the action sandwich as a person." Hmmm... gotta get me one o' those ACTION SANDWICHES! Maybe I can sing with Rod Stewart! Or not.

If you've picked up one of these books for me for Christmas, better ask for your money back.


Michele said...

i prefer bologna.


Frew's been touring for months promoting this book. He's been on every radio and TV show from Ontario to BC. You think it was odd to see him singing in a bookstore? What would you think of him singing in the Ottawa Public Library? He did last month.

As for the book, I read it and returned it. In my opinion, it's not worth the paper it's printed on. The highlights are humourous stories that you could hear by buying Frew a beer in a pub. Beyond that, it's the same old hish-hash mentioned in the countless other "self-help/motivational" books out there. To top it off, the "editing" job on this book is horrible. From the margins and spacing being off right down to misused and misspelled words (You walk PAST the furniture, you don't walk PASSED it--this is actually an error in the book). Then again, his "manager" "edited" it and last I checked, she wasn't an "editor".

You were wise not to buy the book but at least you now know what Alan Frew is up to! As you can see, it's not too much!

ccap said...

If it's EXACTLY what I'm already doing won't I be successful without buying the book?

Joyce said...

just been here and caught up on you provocative and thoughtful posts. esp the one about the people who've lost their way.