Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thirteen good moments in the last 48 hours

1. 4:30 this afternoon. Two days of chairing meetings - done.

2. Receiving a heartfelt compliment from someone who's generally critical of my work.

3. Feeling the energy in the room when, more than once, someone dared to say "What if..." and then proceeded to share a "blow your mind" good idea.

4. Introducing Steve Bell at the banquet and calling him "friend".

5. Listening to Steve tell stories of Ethiopia and sing the song.

6. Walking to the grocery store for milk in the drizzly rain after all was said and done and I could relax.

7. Eating the amazing food prepared by some of my favourite people who also happen to be the best caterers for miles around.

8. Realizing, at the end of a meeting with my team (the first of the two days of meetings), that it was the best meeting we've had since I started this job.

9. Watching the people I've hired since I started in the job and realizing I've hired well.

10. Being greeted at the door by two of my daughters doing a Charlie's Angel routine.

11. Words of encouragement from someone I admire.

12. Knowing I'd handled the talkative person in the room as graciously as possible when I had to tell her to "wrap it up".

13. Realizing I've developed some meaningful friendships with some people in this group of "business associates".


Pamela said...

congratulations on a job well done and a great 13 list.

(ps. every group has the person who likes to hear him/herself talk, you think the groaning in the audience would give 'em a clue)

Liz said...

Sounds like a great couple of days...hopefully leading into a peaceful weekend.

Linda said...

From where I stood, in the kitchen, things seemed to go very well. I was impressed.

Your groups are the most fun to cater. They all appreciate it so much!

ValleyGirl said...

Sounds like things went really well. I think listing things you are thankful for after an event like you just hosted (that stressed you out!) is an awesome way to realize how much you've learned and grown from the experience. Hope you had/are having a great, relaxing weekend!!

Gina said...

Those sound like excellent moments to me!

vicki said...

well I like you.

liked you before

like you even more now.