Thursday, October 04, 2007


“I know how to say red in French”
chirped Maddie
fresh from kindergarten
“It’s rouge.”

This morning
biking past the railway bridge
I stopped and stared in awe
at the brilliant leaves
still tenuously clinging to the vine

“I know how to say red,”
I thought
“with no words at all


Anonymous said...

present tense, honey, present tense!

Also: lovely :)

Gina said...


andrea said...

Perfect. You are an artist!

PS You might be interested in my most recent post.

Robyn said...


Deb said...

very nice!

Karmyn R said...


Liz said...

You also know how to paint a picture...with words.

Whippersnapper said...

Oh, lovely. You'll have to tell us how Maddie is taken to Kindergarten.

I don't get the present tense comment! Inside joke? I feel so left out..

Pamela said...

just closing my eyes -----

Anonymous said...

It wasn't really a joke, it was the poetry critique-r in me having a knee jerk reaction that I was immediately sorry for ...

it's just that poetry, especially, is so immediate that present tense tends to work better - makes the reader a participant rather than an observer.

and now that H is never speaking to me again for my unspeakable rudeness, I'm shutting up

boogiemum (www.boogiemum.com) said...

I love your poem. Very creative and to the point. Bravo! :)