Saturday, August 19, 2006

Let this be a warning to you

If you're playing "would you rather" with your four-year-old child, and she asks you a question like "would you rather lick peanut butter off a dog's toe or sleep in a bathtub full of water for the rest of your life", don't follow it up with a question like "would you rather love me for the rest of your life or go for a Slurpee?" You probably won't like the answer.

Ah, childhood honesty and short-sightedness! :-)

Earlier in the day, she also asked me "Mom, does your mind sometimes tell you wierd things? Like if you're eating a bagel and your mind tells you that you're finished but then you look down into your plate and you still have a piece left? Mine does." And with that, she finished her bagel.

And in the bathtub this morning, she said "Mom, could you take me to a REAL wishing well, where wishes REALLY come true? I would make a wish that I was nine or ten. Would you take me Mom? Would you? Please?" And I answered "No, honey, I wouldn't want that wish to come true." "But why mom?" "Because I don't want you to grow up too fast - I like you just the way you are."


The Passarelli's said...

That's exactly what I have been feeling lately. I am missing those first years already. Mikey will be five on the 26th.
Wendy's only wish, after being diagnosed, was to live long enough to see Mikey get on the school bus the first day of school.


Amber said...

Tooooooo sweet. And pretty profound for a little one!

Karla said...

You know, those green sour apple slurpee's sure taste pretty good.....


beth said...

Yeah, my mind tells me things too sometimes. "Don't clean the food off the floor now, let it get crusty first; You'd better finish that ice cream before it goes bad in the freezer..." I'm glad she is able to thwart the voice and eat that bagel.

Found you through Amber's blog.

The very nice man said...

I know what you mean but for better or worse . . . constant change is here to stay!
You'll always have memories!

Coll said...

The things kids say. I remember when my son was about 4.. he would tell me about this little person that he heard talking in his head. I must admit .. the comment had me pause. Then I realized.. he is just discribing hearing his own thoughts. Such is the wonder of the childs mind.

Janet said...

AWWWWWW....Heather, you lucky thing! THOSE are the moments which offset (or at least HELP offset) the difficult times of being a parent.

You're also a wonderful writer, with a knack for making us feel like we were there, too!