Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On my mind today

One of my colleagues is married to a Lebanese Canadian. His dad died a few weeks ago and he went back to Lebanon to bury him and be with his mom. Three hours after he landed in Beirut, the airport was bombed. Now, like all the other foreigners there, he has no way of getting out.

His mother's house overlooks the Beirut airport. My colleague talks to him nearly every day, and when they're on the phone, she can hear the bombing in the background. Always. He has helped his sister escape to her home in Jordan, and has helped other family members get out of the country. He does not want to leave, though, without his mother. The streets all around them are being bombed. They don't know how much longer they'll have a source of food and water.

If you're the praying kind, feel free to add them to your prayers. All of our other worries seem so petty when you don't know whether you'll see your family again. It almost seems like too much to bear when you're in the middle of grieving your father/husband's death.


Bobita said...

I can't get the Lebonese people out of my mind. For the very reasons that you have described in your post.

You wrote, "It almost seems like too much to bear when you're in the middle of grieving your father/husband's death."

I agree. It seems like too much to bear. For anyone.

Blessings to your friend's husband and his family.

Anonymous said...

suddenly my life is really, really easy. I'm sitting here imagining how I would feel if it were MY husband and MY mother-in-law ...

Judy said...


I cannot imagine.

My life has so much peace.

I will pray.

Hope said...

I have been praying. Thank you for giving it a face.

Janet said...


I couldn't have put it better than Hope just did.

I was listening to interviews with stranded people in Lebanon this morning on the BBC. It's tragic.

Yes...thanks for making this more personal...so our prayers can feel more directed.



Liz said...

I had to take a break from the news yesterday. I was finding it all a bit too overwhelming.

It's even more overwhelming brought down to such a personal level.