Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A glorious day

After we dropped her big sisters off at summer camp, Maddie got her parents' undivided attention for a few hours at the beach. Sun, sand, ducks, water goggles, new families to adopt on the beach, slushies in the middle of the week (she was SO thrilled we broke the "weekend only" rule), plastic shovels and pails, a waterfall - what's not to like?


Judy said...

What fun for her!

I'm the youngest of three girls, and I can tell you - she will NEVER forget that day of undivided attention!

(and i will never forget the day all three of our kids went to summer camp the same week!)

ccap said...

Mmm. I'll BET she was thilled!

Accidental Poet said...

I remember that place :)

Dale said...

I once had a little girl like that. Oh, how I miss those days!

Janet said...

John and I LOVE the shot of Maddie in the goggles...a classic!

Thanks for sharing with your readers!