Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The many signs of Spring

Irises poking through the earth in my little garden
Earthworms on the sidewalk after the rain
Maddie in her alligator boots wading through puddles
Little frog jumping across my path
Bike tires on pavement
Unzipped jackets
Soccer practice
Geese flying overhead
Pork chops on the barbecue
Daughters in capri pants
Hotdog vendors on the street corner
Car windows rolled down
Waking to the sound of thunder
Lawnchairs on the front lawn
Robins under the evergreen tree
Open-toed shoes
Chorus of frogs at dusk

Aaahhh! Breathe deeply. It’s Spring!

Sometimes I dream of living in a place with warm weather 12 months of the year, but then I live through another spring, and I remember why I love to be here.


Liz said...

Hi from a fellow Indie Virus infectee!

I love spring too. I just found the lettuce I planted poking through the garden with tiny little green leaves and breathed a sigh of relief that spring is officially here!

Simply Coll said...

Gotta love it!!

Gina said...

Oh, irises are my all-time favorite flower!

And I am jealous of the thunder. We don't get nearly enough thunder here.