Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Few people are as stupid as I

Most people, when they know they have a dentist appointment in half an hour, stop to brush and floss their teeth.

But not me - oh no, not I. I stopped to pop a chocolate in my mouth on the way out the door.

Why? Oh, mostly absent-mindedness, I suppose. But maybe I figured if I'm gonna sit there and listen to them scold me for not flossing, I might as well have a sweet taste in my mouth to go with the bitter taste of guilt.


ccap said...

He, he.

Hey, at least you're GOING to the dentist.

Simply Coll said...

hehe.. you are a rebel!!

Gina said...

Hey, at least you're going to the dentist. That puts you way ahead of me, who for some reason am long overdue for an appointment.

Michele said...

so... any cavities?