Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Birthday, bbb!

Today my Big Brother turns 45. I had no idea 45 could be so young until I got this close myself! (Yes, that's him and me in the pic. Sorry, I thought I'd done a better job of scanning it.)

He’s a cool guy, my Big Brother. Here are a few of the things I like about him:
- He is fearless. I think he’d try almost anything if he had the chance (except for a few kinds of exotic foods, perhaps).
- He is generous. He’s probably given away more money (and other stuff) than I’ve made in my life. I remember calling him in a panic when my sister and I were wandering around Europe and couldn’t access our funds and he said “why would you feel badly about asking ME for money?”
- He’s a great dad. To watch him with his kids is to see a thing of beauty.
- He is adventurous. I both envy and admire his ability to leave all earthly possessions behind and backpack around the world for a year.
- He’s smart. In our family, he’s the “go to” guy for all kinds of questions like how to fix a computer, what’s the best stereo equipment to buy – you name it.
- He’s fun. He loves to drive fast, go on adventures, seek out new places, watch movies, climb to ridiculous heights to get the best picture, throw caution to the wind – basically, he’s a bit of an experience junkie, and he likes to take along anyone who’s willing to join him.
- He’s wise. He doesn’t accept things at face value, and he dares to ask the deep questions. He’s a little like our dad in that way.

I could think of other things, but I don’t want to swell his head TOO much. :-)

You’re my hero, Big Brother. Happy Birthday!


schoolboy said...

Happy birthday Brad. Man you're old :)

ccap said...

Good list! Happy birthday bbb!

Anonymous said...

He's all that and more and I get to be his WIFE.

bbb said...

Thank-you H! I'm flattered, honoured, and humbled all at the same time. I hardly know what to say, but THANK-YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

That was really nice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous! (So does Lorna)

LBD said...

Hey, it's all true and I know that from experience! Especially the part about generosity and being the one to go to for answers. How else could I be typing this on my new computer... Happy Birthday!

Paige said...

Happy birthday to Brad.

Hi came by way of Gina's, seems the Indie Virus has her under the weather or something like that.