Friday, September 02, 2005

I promise this post will be short, for a change

Last night was one of those great evenings that make me so sad to see Summer pass. A free outdoor concert in Assiniboine Park, listening to Joel Kroeker (awesome) and The Wailin' Jennys (even MORE awesome), hanging out with family and friends, racing Maddie across the lawn, eating donuts on the way home with Nikki and Maddie - all very, very good. It was a drizzly, windy, cool, lousy day yesterday, so we weren't sure how the evening would go, but just before 7:30, when the concert was about to start, the sky cleared, the wind died, and it turned out to be a beautiful evening. It was still a little cool, but we hunkered down with blankets, and stayed pleasantly warm.

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Linda said...

We wimped out. I'm sorry we did but when we saw the weather, we decided to "hunker down" at home. Glad it turned out so great for you all!