Thursday, September 08, 2005

First day back

Yup, the kids are back at school. Today was the first day. Maddie was QUITE determined that she was going to school too, so she packed her lunch and lined up for the pictures :-)

In case you're thinking I colour coordinated them for the big day, nope, it was actually my Mother who bought them all those fancy duds. She's so good to them.


Gina said...

Too cute, Heather!j

Dale said...

They don't appear terribly thrilled. But I'll bet Mum is!

ccap said...

Very cute! Dale, the oldest one RARELY appears to be thrilled (especially in photos) - she's too cool for that. ;-)

Linda said...

I have a lot of those pictures too but I haven't taken any "first day of school" pictures for the last few years. My children would not cooperate. This year, there's only one going to school and she's started grade 12. When they were little, I couldn't wait for them to grow up and now I want to say SLOW DOWN! I'm not ready for this!