Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Conversation with Maddie in the bathtub

Maddie: Mom, look at your boobies. (Touches my breasts.)

Me: Maddie, please don't play with my boobies.

Maddie: I ALWAYS play with MY boobies Mom. But look Mom - mine don't fall off. (Bends over at the waste and tries to get her boobs to swing.) Mine don't fall off like yours do.

Okay, so perhaps God didn't bless me with the perkiest boobs in the planet, but they don't exactly FALL OFF when I bend at the waste!


Glenda said...

Heather- that was so cute and funny, I laughed outloud! And not that I am an editor extraordinaire or anything like that but did you mean to say that your boobies are 'waste" or that they fall off when you bend at the waist?? hee hee hee!

Michele said...

now THERE's a freudian slip!

Heather said...

Ha ha! Good point Glenda! Guess I typed a little too quickly. My kids are forever peeking over my shoulder when I blog, so sometimes I try to post quickly so they don't read what I'm writing :-)

Linda said...

What a funny way to describe it. "Mine don't fall off..." Hee Hee