Thursday, May 26, 2005

Things I learned tonight

1. If you burn a pot of lentils, dump them in the garbage, and then carry the garbage bag out to the trash bin, the bag feels exactly like a poopy diaper. How do I know this? Don't ask.

2. Raw onions turn Maddie into a monkey. Her words, not mine. She grabbed a piece of the onion I was chopping, said "um yummy" and popped it into her mouth. When the taste registered in her brain, she made a delightfully disgusted face and spit it out. On the way back from the garbage can, she said "those are yucky! They make me turn into a MONKEY!"

3. If you burn a BIG pot of lentils, even though it LOOKS like the burnt stuff is only at the bottom, you can taste it all the way up at the top. Again, don't ask.

4. Marcel thinks "wench" is an acceptable name to call his sisters. Hmmm.

5. She may be nine, wise beyond her years, and know WAY more about pop stars than I do, but Nikki still lets me in on little secrets now and then :-) But, once again, don't ask, 'cause I WON'T TELL!

6. There is at least ONE person on this earth whose children use the word "boring" as often as mine. (Cheers Kim!)

7. When you want your husband to come home early so that you can go to the store to buy more lentils, he's sure to show up late. (Oops... just heard the door open - he's home so I've gotta run to the store!)

P.S. Bet ya wanna know what all the lentils are for! Maybe I'll tell ya later.


ccap said...

So, burnt lentil soup for supper tonight? Mmm. My taste buds are tingling already.

Kim said...

Okay, this is embarassing.

This may seem like a weird comment, but I have never had a lentil or lentils ~ what is it? For some reason I'm thinking of something that smells like spinach but looks like celery. ?? I'll have to look for one next time at the store ~ is it a vegetable?

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. It is always so nice to know that there are others in the same boat. :-)

Heather said...

Kim - lentils are small bean-like vegetables that look kind of like split peas. You buy them dry and cook them up for soup or to use in a rice dish or whatever.

I was cooking a huge pot of them for something called "In Exile for Awhile", a simulation experience in which youth live like refugees for a day (I wrote about it in "Refugee for a Day" on May 10th). They have to go hungry all day as they wander from the "country" they've been kicked out of to the "refugee camp".

I work for a food aid organization that ships food to developing countries. At the Exile experience, we try to provide the kids with some of the food we would normally send to hungry people - in this case, rice and lentils.

Kim said...

Thank you for letting me know what they are. I had asked my husband this afternoon and he wasn't sure either.

I just read your Refugee for a Day post ~ I don't think I would have been able to handle that. Even knowing that it wasn't real I still would have been in shock ~ mentally and physically.

It would certainly be a lesson how much we take for granted.

Thank you for filling me in on that and pointing me to that post. I appreciate it. :-)