Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Kid stuff

Maddie walks into the laundry room where I'm folding laundry (yes, it may be hard to believe, but I actually do that once in awhile), puts her hand to her forehead, salutes me and says "we code in for duty". It took me awhile to put the gesture and words together and realize she was ACTUALLY saying "reporting for duty!"

In other kid news, my oldest 2 daughters are growing up WAY too fast. They both bought teen magazines on the weekend, and yesterday they spent a few hours cutting out pictures of a bunch of famous people (hillary duff, chad michael murray, simple plan... you get the picture) and pasting them on their walls. Yikes! I'm not ready to see a bunch of heart throbs up on my 9 and 7 year old's walls! It seems like they're barely past Elmo and Big Bird!

What was particularly frightening was that I only knew about half the people, and, with voices that belied their pride in knowing MORE than mom, they had to tell me who the other ones were. Sheesh! Time to brush up on my pop culture! On the other hand - why bother? From here on in, I just have to accept the fact that I'm a "has-been". (It's been a LONG time since Andy Gibb and Leif Garrett were heart throbs!)

At least I still know more than Maddie! But how long will THAT last?


Anonymous said...

til tomorrow.
and andy gibb and leif garrett are STILL heart throbs, thank you very much.

Linda said...

You will be the smartest until day care or kindergarten. Then it's the teacher who will know all.

Cuppa said...

Not long, not long at all.

ccap said...

Yeah, I'm still holding fast and strong to knowing as many celebrities as N&J. I gotta maintain this "cool" factor for a bit longer 'cause gosh knows I'll be losing it with my own kids.

Kim said...

Wow ~ I'm so glad it's not just me going through this!

BTW ~ I bought the Charlie's Angels CD last year just because it had an Andy Gibb song on it. I thought my husband and kids would die after the 15th time in a row I played "I Just Want to be Your Everything" ~ but, they were singing to it on the 16th time. Somehow that CD ended up broken ~ wonder how that happened.

Just found your blog and will be back. I love it.

Anonymous said...

So did you put Maddie to work?