Monday, May 30, 2005

In celebration of the lowly dandelion

After my sister CCAP told the story of how my dad used to love dandelions and would bring my mom bouquets of dandelions and purple thistle flowers, Cuppa and Anvilcloud were inspired to photograph dandelions they saw on their bike treks. Linda also revealed, in her list of 100 things, that she's fond of the dandelion (as long as they're not in her garden). Their inspiration and revelations were contagious, and so, after the rain, I wandered outside with my camera and took a few photos of the abundant dandelions on our yard.

So, today, I encourage you all to celebrate the lowly dandelion with us. They're overlooked and underappreciated, and yet, the people who have commented to the various posts show me that there are lots of closet dandelion-lovers among us. Come on everybody - be bold, and claim your love for the down-trodden and outcast among us - the dandelion! (I could wax poetic about how the dandelion represents those of us in life who feel less beautiful than the celebrated rose or orchid, but I'll leave the analogies to your imagination.)


Cuppa said...

Beautiful. You even got some purple in there too.

Anonymous said...

you have dandelions growing in your lobelia?

Heather said...

No, h8s2clean, those little purple flowers are not lobelia, they're some other form of weed that grows in abundance in our backyard where the grass is supposed to be.

Anvilcloud said...

I'm not lyin when I say that's dandy.