Friday, April 01, 2005

Spell that backwards

Julie, my word girl who learned to talk almost as soon as she could breathe, and who didn't really learn to read so much as absorb it, is currently into backwards words. On a frequent basis, she'll tell me what a random word is backwards. And now she's starting in on "palindromes", those words or phrases that are the same backwards as forwards. Anyone want to help us think of some? Here are some of hers... Hannah, Bob, mom, dad, level, pop... (and then when you've caught the bug, you can check out www.palindromelist.com to see the longest palindrome EVER!)


Auntie Sue said...

eve, ere, ici, "Madam, I'm Adam" (how Adam introduced himself to Eve)

Anvilcloud said...

There were a lot of palindromes in Poisonwood Bible weren't there? I see it's one of your favourite books. Have you read any other of her works? I've just read Pigs in Heaven and Prodoigal Summer — both good, especially the latter.

Heather said...

I just finished Prodigal Summer a little while ago. Quite enjoyed it. I'll have to check out Pigs in Heaven too.

Interesting... I don't remember the palindromes in Poisonwood Bible. I'll have to take another look.