Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's bound to happen

And then one day
"yub-yub" or "pla-ba" becomes "peanut butter"
"PT" becomes "TV"
"spa-ba-dee-dee" becomes "Sponge Bob Square Pants" (yeah, I know, go figure!)
"Ju-ju" becomes "Julie"
"kee-kee-kie" becomes "Lizzy McQuire" (she's got older sisters!)

And somewhere along the line you realize your three year old is growing up. You expect it, even welcome it, with the first two. But with the third and last, for some reason, you just want to hang onto it a little longer.

But then today when she heard the radio announcer say "House of Commons" she said "House of GUM? How could anybody do THAT?" So all is not lost :-)


Anonymous said...

I was so sad when my kids replaced "homodedo" with R2D2, and "Toys are Wes" with "Toys r us." And now Micah is pouring his own cereal in the morning (I realize that at 9 he might be a little delayed in this) but as far as performing survival tasks, he's done his best to lag behind. *sigh*

ccap said...

In the words of Homer:

House of Gum. mmmm.