Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random bits and pieces

1. I just made chicken noodle soup. I make a lot of soup, but I think that's the first time for chicken noodle. Frankly, it was a little intimidating and felt like I was walking on sacred ground. My grandmother made THE. BEST. CHICKEN. NOODLE. SOUP. BAR. NONE. Oh you may THINK you've tasted good chicken noodle soup, but until you've sampled the soup made with farm-grown chickens and fresh homemade noodles made by the loving hands of a Mennonite grandmother, you don't know chicken noodle soup. Mine tasted quite good and the family was pleased with it, but it's a pale shadow of what remains sacred in my memory.

2. Nicole's been getting a little bored, sitting around letting her leg heal, so last night she had a bit of a party, inviting 4 of her closest friends over. We went out for awhile and when we walked in, the house was filled with laughter. I love that. I think if I were to write a mission statement for how I want my home to be, "filled with laughter" would be up at the top of the list.

3. Some of the keys on this computer are sticking. If a word happens to be missing an "n", blame the keyboard.

4. Later this week, I'm going on an adventure and I am so excited! It involves a 24 hour train ride (lots of time for reading, writing, and daydreaming) a couple of days in Cleveland with some very cool people, a day spent at this amazing workshop, a couple of business-related days in Toronto where I'll stay at my favourite B&B, dinner with one friend in Toronto, and then lunch with another. Is that fun or what?

5. Is this not the most spectacular September you have ever seen? It almost makes up for the crappy weather we suffered through all summer.

6. N&J signed up for a flyer route, and wouldn't you know it, they got the call the week Nikki had knee surgery. So of course, Mom got recruited to walk and walk and walk for two hours - on the hottest day we've had all year. Two hours of walking and we didn't think to bring a water bottle. Ugh. But the fun part? You get to check out a lot of houses - I didn't know we had such a cool neighbourhood!

7. Last weekend, Marcel and I took Maddy and Abby (our niece) fishing. What a delightful day we had! Within minutes of our arrival, both girls had caught their first fish. Maddy's a fishing veteran by now, but it was the first experience for Abby and let me tell you, that girl knows how to show delight!


Anonymous said...

1. I've made chicken soup from scratch once - very bland, never did it again.
2. Good mission.
3. too funny
4. sounds like fun! I love the train and Cleveland's not a place people often get to go
5. agreed
6. I used to do my brother's paper route once in awhile when I was really little, I got tipped a lot while Mom did most of the work...
7. the point of leaving a comment - our (almost) entire family had a weekend long fishing derby at Westhawk and only the 6 year old caught a fish - and it was a huge Jack that scared the pants of the kids! Lots of fun but only 1 fish (and they all fished a LOT!).

Hope Nikki's doing well. Lunch soon?


darien said...

Both pictures are great--but Abby's delight is contagious

mmichele said...

Ooh. I think I gotta get me some of that workshop.

Pamela said...

1) I've been known to make a good pot of chicken soup - our Goddaughter claims it is the best -- but far be it for me to make home made noodles or raise a chicken.

2) awwwww... it is heavenly music

3) time to get the can of air and blow it out

4) I checked out the web site. what a great idea.

5) yes. the backyard is perfect. September...please don't end!

6) what kind of flyer? just curious. What a great way to see the neighborhood.

7) I think it is time to fish with the grandchildren

great post!