Tuesday, September 08, 2009

In with a whimper, out with a bang

In years to come, we'll probably refer to the summer of 2009 as the "summer that wasn't". I don't remember when we've had so much disappointing weather. Mostly cool and rainy... followed by more cool and rainy. I think I wore shorts twice, and when I went shopping for clothes in the middle of the summer, I bought cardigan sweaters instead of cute little summer outfits.

But... at least it finished well! Gotta look on the bright side, I suppose. We just finished a perfectly lovely long weekend and we managed to celebrate the sun and warmth in almost every way we could. We went for bike rides, we took an artists' studio tour of the interlake region north of our fair city, we went to the beach (as did thousands upon thousands of other starved-for-summer folks - oh my - the crowds!), we ate ice cream, we went for more bike rides, we went for drinks on a patio with friends, we went for walks - we did it all. Basically, we tried to live a whole summer in one weekend and, short of sitting by a campfire, we almost did.
At least now we'll be a little more prepared when Fall starts knocking at our door.


Anvilcloud said...

It has been a rather magnificent few days here too.

Pamela said...

we've had a good summer.. hope fall is as nice

Liz said...

If it makes you feel any better, the weather was pretty crappy here too. Tons of rain and very few hot, humid days that we are known for here in the mid-Atlantic. In fact, I'm wearing a sweatshirt now, which is annoying, but I refuse to get my jeans out until at least the end of September. So it's shorts and hoodies for me!