Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The year of living fearlessly - chapter 4

Sometimes living fearlessly means letting your daughter go to a place far away from where you stand, so that she can take steps into her own fearless life.
There are many, many steps in this letting go thing, starting with the moment they slip out from the safety of your womb. Sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, and most times it's a mixture of both.


cecily said...

Hi Heather. I am following your fearless year with interest. You've got me thinking too, because I've noticed myself collapsing in on myself over the last couple of years, lacking confidence where once I was bold, being timid where I would have been courageous in the past. You are inspiring me to get off my backside and address this issue... so I'm making my own fearless moves too. Thanks for the nudge and inspiration. God speed with your own journey through this!

PS I would never wear your jacket myself... but I liked it a lot and you looked fantastic in it! :-)

Pamela said...

that's a great photo! (and poignant thoughts, too)

mmichele said...

how exciting! where is she going?

Liz said...

That is the absolute hardest, most fearless thing you will face. And it will get harder, my friend. Your fearlessness will be tested in ways you never expected. Ah, parenthood!

Liz said...

By the way, I love your hair longer like this. You look very pretty in this picture.