Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bits and Bites

  • Nikki is back home in the fold - safely returned from her week-long exchange trip to Quebec. She had a lovely time, and only let on to being homesick once. She's happy to be speaking English again, though she said by the end of a week living with a French family, she was actually starting to think in French.
  • Speaking of French, with Maddie being our third and final child to enter French Immersion school, I am fast becoming the only family member not fluent in French. I keep thinking I should learn it some day, but languages just don't come easily for me, so I get a little overwhelmed with the brain-work I'd have to put into it.
  • Facebook is a truly wierd world to be in. Some days I enjoy it (like when I get to interact with my daughter in Quebec, send her silly videos that her dad and I take, and then check out the pictures she and her friends post after the trip), but some days I just find it awkward and strange. Like... do I really want to be "friends" with that guy that I barely said two words to in high school? And should I or should I not be "friends" with staff-members who have to report to me? What about my daughters' friends? And don't even get me started about those people who collect "friends" like a high school popularity contest!
  • One of my co-workers became a dad last week - to a wee tiny 1.7 lb very premature baby. So far, he's doing well, but I know they'll have a rocky road ahead of them.
  • I'm glad I have a husband who stays on top of things - like the fact that Maddie needed valentines cards for the school party. I'm pretty bad at keeping my OWN life organized, let alone the lives of my children!
  • Speaking of my husband, his vast knowledge of Louis Riel facts just won him a t-shirt from CBC radio.


Pamela said...

My husband was great with kid stuff -- but I don't think he remember valentines. Now that is above and beyond (:

ccap said...

That last one just made me smile. It only seems right that he would win that. :-)

andrea said...

Your bits and bites were fun to read. I should do that sometime. As for French, I speak it better than my husband but both my boys went into Late French Immersion (Grade 6 here) so are WAY ahead of me. I thought it might induce me to refresh mine but all it does is make me want to go to France! :) (Both my boys did a 1-week French 'field trip', too, in Grade 7. Avoid band if you can because mine have gone on trips every year since! Next year it's Germany, yikes, but my younger son has become so invlolved with drama that he's not taking band next year, so I can count that as a small blessing. :)

Liz said...

Glad to hear that Nikki came back home safe and sound.

I'll be your friend on facebook. It's my shortened name Liz with, (I think you know) my last name. My name is pretty common so my picture is my family portrait.

Hope said...

I agree with the facebook friends thing....I can't believe co workers want to be on their boss's face book page... one of my employees, a young adult sent me a request... I didn't reply(cause that's how I handle uncomfortable invites... I ignore it) but she had one where anyone could visit. I snuck a visit and was appalled by her "look at me I'm bombed out of my skull" picture collection. AND SHE INVITED ME!!!
sigh, I don't get it......

Anonymous said...

I have an uncanny facility for languages, yet I have given up ever learning Canadian French. Good for your kids! My hat is off to them.