Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Don't shoot!, originally uploaded by Heather Plett.

One of them has long flowing hair that she brushes a dozen times a day.
The other one got a buzz cut at the beginning of the summer because she doesn’t want to be bothered to comb it.

One of them bought hot pink gladiator sandals for the first day of school and dreams of the day when she can have a closet full of stiletto pumps.
The other one bought funky orange plaid runners that she’ll probably forget to tie most of the time. She dreams of being able to afford multi-colour DCs.

One of them doesn’t do much reading, unless she gets ahold of a People magazine or an interesting biography.
The other one devours fantasy novels faster than we can bring them into the house.

One of them hoarded her travel money until the last day of the trip when she could finally visit her favourite clothing store and buy two pairs of skinny jeans – one purple and one white.
The other one bought candy and ice cream whenever she had the opportunity, and saved only a bit for a couple of pairs of baggy shorts.

One of them wants to be a model or fashion designer when she grows up.
The other one wants to be a veterinarian.

One of them prefers things that are safe and familiar.
The other one lives for adventure and dreams of jumping out of a plane and getting a tattoo.

One of them has a favourite shirt that says "Party like a rock star"

The other one has a favourite shirt that says "Peace. No war. Save the earth."

I delight in them both. I am their mother.


Anonymous said...

yeah I'm kinda fond of them myself.

bbb said...


andrea said...

Delightful post. (And makes me realize why I -- with my perpetually long hair and Converse sneakers -- have an identity crisis! :)

sarah said...

I love this! Such beautiful daughters...and beautiful that their mother delights in all of who they are.

Janet said...

Your post just bubbles with your love for them BOTH! GREAT reading - thank you!

OH...and the photo is just the icing on the cake!


Angi said...

Part of what makes life interesting!!!

Liz said...

My two girls are as different as night and day as well. They got along so well this summer after a school year apart. I love the differences as well.

Vicki said...

They are the perfect combination of you! =)