Friday, May 02, 2008

The jet set life

This week I had a whirlwind trip to Ottawa to participate in a big (and rather crazy) press conference. (Thanks to the federal government for giving us more money to support hungry people in the middle of this food crisis.)
I had just enough spare time for a quick jaunt around the parliament buildings for a little photo fun. (Okay - truthfully, I had time for TWO jaunts around the parliament buildings. The second time was to try to find the cell phone I'd lost. D'oh! I suppose I shouldn't slip a cell phone in my pocket when I'm planning to lie around on the grass taking pictures of tulips.)
I've been to Ottawa about a dozen times, but I never seem to be there when the tulips bloom. Except this time. What a treat!

After spending a couple of days with government communicators again, I was reminded why I am no longer one of them. I never could get the "look" quite right - the well-coiffed hair, the well-pressed suit, the blackberry on the hip, the shiny high heeled shoes, a copy of the Globe and Mail tucked under the arm. I fit in alot better in a non-profit organization, where you're expected to look like you just stepped off a plane from a developing country. I do "rumpled" really well!
You can see other photos here, if you're interested... http://www.flickr.com/photos/fumblingforwords/sets/72157604852224741/ (my linky things not working properly.)


Anvilcloud said...

I live here (or close), and I haven't been to the tulip festival yet.

Michele said...

ah, tulips...

Linda said...

I'm glad you don't fit in with the well-coiffed expensively-suited communicators. Then we wouldn't be friends!