Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday five

I lost another 3 pounds (that’s a total of 18, if you’re counting). Which is kind of surprising, since I’ve allowed Nutella-by-the-spoonful to become an integral part of my daily diet.

Speaking of diets… last night I surprised the girls and took them out for ice cream after soccer – and we hadn’t even had supper yet. It kind of blew their minds. Just before Julie got in the car, I said to Nikki “watch this – this time when she asks for ice cream, I’m going to surprise her and say YES.” Julie is very predictable that way – she asks for ice cream after EVERY soccer game and/or practice. She never really expects me to say yes, though.

Marcel has been substitute teaching almost every day since he started. And he’s in such a good mood, it’s contagious. (I’m glad I accepted that first French immersion job, because he figured out he could do it and now he’s getting all kinds of jobs in French immersion schools.)

Next week, I get to meet my new nephew, Jack. AND I get to hang out with my lovely niece Abby for a couple of days. I can’t wait!

I have nothing to do this long weekend. NOTHING! That’s a beautiful word. After the craziness of last weekend (OH MY GOSH – about 9 commitments in 2 days), and almost every evening so far this month, I’m looking forward to some leisurely time of just doin’ nothin’. PLUS the weather has finally turned around, so look for me on my bike or at the playground… or picking dandelions with Maddie. Picnic, anyone?


Liz said...

Wow! 18 pounds! Congratulations Heather! I've only lost 6, with 10 to go but I haven't been too diligent lately. You've inspired me.

Bailey said...

Nothing to do *is* wonderful. Have a great time not doing it!
So glad that Marcel is enjoying the subbing!

oshee said...

Congrats on the weight loss..achieving that in the midst of overwhelming time commitments is admirable.

Pamela said...

what kind of ice cream?
I'm wondering how it would have tasted with a little nutella on the top.

I might try your nutella diet if you're losing weight on it.

( I like it on graham crackers)

Linda said...

Way to go!

We also had nothing planned for this weekend and it was lovely, although Wes managed to spread 5 yards of topsoil on Saturday and we also spread about that much mulch on our garden.