Monday, April 21, 2008


My irises are coming up
There are ladybugs in abundance on the front lawn
The bocci-balls we bought at a garage sale last fall have seen their inaugural use
Nikki and Julie have healthy colour on their faces from hours of soccer practice
I rode my bike to work this morning
Maddie’s pink bike with training wheels has been around the block a few times
I singed my eyebrows lighting the barbecue on Saturday (there’s a reason why it’s Marcel’s job!)
On the swings, Maddie shouted “I can fly!”
Birkenstocks with no socks
Capri pants and t-shirts
Budding trees
Eating breakfast on the front lawn watching Maddie blow bubbles



(sorry Calgary!)


Accidental Poet said...


bbb said...

And we're digging out from another spring snow storm! Aaaaaaah, hockey! :-)

Hope said...

schools closed, buses aren't running and we are in the deep freeze
last weekend we spent three hours in shorts on the ball field...

Pamela said...

Irises.... just the green spears showing??

My mom loved her Iris. She call them "flags." Until I was in school - that is what I thought they were.

Enjoy spring... winter could pop back at any moment!

Gina said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!