Monday, April 14, 2008


After spending way too many hours over the weekend messing with my trip pictures, I finally have them loaded onto Flickr. (Well, actually I only loaded about a quarter of them, and yet there are probably still too many of them for anyone other than my photo-obsessed big brother.) You can find them here.

Here's one of my favourites - I call it "Bum and Bells."

Most pre-potty-trained toddlers run around naked and many of them wear bells like these. I'm not sure why, but I suppose it helps warn the parents if they're wandering off into potential danger (especially since there are loads of fish ponds, rivers, and canals dotting the countryside). I guess this father didn't mind running the risk of getting peed on.

By the way, if you're wandering through my photos, please consider leaving some friendly comments - I'd love to know which are people's favourites.

Note: I hope the new watermark on my Flickr photos isn't too distracting. I don't mind people using my pictures, but I prefer it if they ask first - hence the watermark.


Bailey said...

the photos are all fantastic (as usual!)
unfortunately I can't comment on them b/c I don't have a flickr account but THANKS for sharing them

Karmyn R said...

It took me a couple of seconds to figure out what I was looking at!

all the pics are lovely - I am amazed at the colors and brightness of the people - even living in such conditions.

Janet said...

Same for me...took me a sec to figure out what the photo represented. GREAT shot!

I'll take a look at all of your photos when I have a few minutes available to do so.


Gina said...

That is classic...

Pamela said...

that pic popped up on my bloglines and for just a moment, I thought I was at the wrong blog.

headed over to look at Flickr (can't comment either)