Thursday, February 07, 2008

Just give me eight steps

Today I want eight steps. Eight easy steps to a happier healthier you. Or eight steps to living the life you've always wanted. Or eight simple steps to losing 40 pounds without even trying. Or eight steps to whipping your house into shape and keeping it that way. Or eight mind-blowingly easy steps to getting that book published you've always dreamed of. Or eight simple things you can do to turn your children into the most obedient, most cooperative children on the planet.

Today I don't want to do the hard work - I just want someone to tell me the eight easy steps or "the secret" so that I don't have to slog through all the crap along the way. Today I want to breeze through life in a straight line instead of taking one step forward and two steps back.

Why is life never quite as linear as those eight simple steps seem to suggest?


Anvilcloud said...

All of those miracle formulas drive me crazy.

Linda said...

When you've discovered the easy way, let me know, okay?

The Passarelli's said...

Eight steps seem a little too much for me to handle lately. How about 3 or 2?

joyce said...

I'll take four orders of the obedient child; One order of the "peace of body"; and a double double of the manageable home.

Cecily said...

I misread your first line and thought you said you had found eight steps to everything and I was going to say, "Come on, spill, spill... I would like them too!" Then I realised you said you WANT eight steps and I sagged in defeat.

Now is not the time to say "But think of all the growth we achieve through the difficulties". Ha. Yes. Right.

Eight steps it is then!

Janet said...

You "sound" as frustrated as I am about several of those problems of life. There just aren't any easy steps, are they. And I hate it, too.