Sunday, February 03, 2008

It all depends how you look at it

When I look into Maddie's room, I see alot of boxes. She looks in and doesn't see a single one.

Instead, she sees an airplane, a house for Joe Banana, a swimming pool, and a guest house for all of Joe's friends. It's a magical room for a magical little girl, where cardboard transforms into whatever she wants it to be.

What do you see, boxes or possibility?


Liz said...

When did you find Joe? I must have missed that one. I'm glad he's not lost anymore and that he's got his own little house to live in!

tlawwife said...

This takes me back to my childhood when the basement was full of boxes and mom would give us her sharp knife to cut doors and windows in them to make towns. And anything else we could think of. Of course now I know how she must have trusted us with that knife.

Janet said...

I'm afraid that these days, I see boxes.

But I remember when I could do almost ANYTHING with my mother's box of loose buttons. Ahhh for those days...!


Linda said...

Those boxes are treasures! Be careful though. I've been known to throw away a perfectly good box, not realizing its potential!

Pamela said...

when I was a young mother... I saw possibilities, too.

Now I see recycling

--- And then I see RED because we've sent them all away and I need one to pack and ship and present.

ccap said...

*I* look at it and think "what fun that girl and my girl are going to have through the years".

Judy said...

The child in me sees potential!

The mother in me sees a mess.

The grandmother in me sees fun!

The cynical turns-50-this-year-old sees a box and thinks, 'Wow. A box. Soon, we all end up in one.'