Thursday, July 26, 2007

Seeing red (or wearing it, at least)

Reading the comments on my last post reminded me that I WORE RED at the big press conference last week. What was I thinking?! Ha! Kinda funny actually!
If you haven't worked in communications for the federal government, you probably don't know what a faux pas that is. You see - all the politicians at that gathering were Conservatives. BLUE conservatives. See the t-shirt Minister T. is wearing in the photo below? Yeah, it's blue. That wasn't just a casual half-asleep choice when he rolled out of bed in the morning. He would NEVER have worn red to an event. I'm sure the moment he got elected, he burned all of his red clothing, if he had any in the first place. It's the colour of the enemy. The Liberals.

I was, in essence, branding myself as "the enemy". Unwittingly. Perhaps THAT is why they are gazing at me so intently in that photo. It wasn't that they were hanging on my every word (though I do like to fantasize that perhaps it's because I'm such an irresistible conversationalist).

My communications mentor (back in my early days in the federal government) would be so disappointed in me. She reminded me every time we did an event that the colour of your clothes MATTER. How could I have forgotten? Not only did I have a rooster tail and a zit, but I was also wearing the wrong colour!

Thankfully, I DON'T work for the government anymore and I can wear whatever colour of clothes I WANT. Even IF I'm standing at a podium introducing politicians. So THERE! (This is where I stick out my tongue like a three year old and chant "nyah nyah nyah".)

Oh well - at least my husband will be proud! Perhaps he was sending me subliminal messages when I was getting dressed that morning.


Anvilcloud said...

I'm with Marcel.

Gina said...

How funny, the colors for liberal and conservative are the opposite here in the US!

And I think red is a fabulous color on you and you should wear it whenever you like!

bbb said...

I like it! You're Dad's girl: why conform? :-)

Vicki said...

good for you!

Red is my favorite color. At work I have to wear red shirts everyday.

Anonymous said...

So, red blouse with navy trousers more favourable? Me, I would wear purple. I am ahead of schedule according to the poem, "I will wear purple" but it's a good conversation starter.

Anonymous said...

blue and red have too much in common to be thinking enemy. Makes me ache all over to think that there is really that kind of mindset because of a few differences of opinion. The Angels must be crying.

Janet said...

Hi Heather,

Catching up on your posts again this afternoon...!

I think you look terrific in red!

I usually wear red when I have a meeting where I need to be very assertive, but I wear blue when I need to be more calm about whatever topic is being discussed.

Funny how influential color can be!