Sunday, March 12, 2006

Go west, young woman

I'm heading west again. The fourth time this winter. (It's been a bit much, but the staff situation has been resolved, so it should slow down after this.) I'll be in Alberta and B.C this time around. (Sorry B&S&D&L, no stops in your neck of the woods.)

In Alberta, I'll be spending a bit of time with the new staff I hired - just getting them a little more oriented. Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be on TV in Red Deer - talking about what's going on in Kenya and what we're planning to do about it. The food situation's pretty severe there right now - another dry year after about five dry years in a row. I think of the people I met there last year, and my heart aches for them. I wish the rains would come.

On Wednesday I fly to Abbotsford to attend a major fundraising event there, and meet some of our volunteers. This is my first trip to B.C. in this job.

Four nights away, and then I'll be home again. Since last year's three week trip, the kids barely bat an eye over four nights. They don't love it when I'm away, but they've gotten used to it. It helps that Marcel's home with them - there's stability in that.

Now I have to go finish the laundry so everyone has clean clothes to wear while I'm gone. And then I'll ice the cupcakes for Maddie's preschool birthday party on Tuesday. Fortunately, I'll be home in time for her birthday on Saturday.

I probably won't be near a computer much. I'll catch up with you all later. Cheers!


Dale said...

Safe journey, Heather. I enjoyed the snowman pics and the nouns.

Simply Coll said...

Wishing you a good trip. You may be able to enjoy some nice weather out there.. especially in B.C. I once worked at the Abbotsford Hospital. That was many, many moons ago.

Anonymous said...

Fine, snub us :) where in Alberta will you be?

schoolboy said...

She will be in Edmonton and Lethbridge.

Linda said...

Have a good trip my friend