Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Said between sobs while she wanders around the house naked after her sister beat her into the bathtub... "I'm going to get my Barbie suitcase," sob, "and I'm going to pack it and move somewhere where I NEVER have to take baths AGAIN!" sob

I've never had a kid who threatens to move away from home as often as she does, and she's only three. And the scary thing is, sometimes I think she'd actually DO IT! Fortunately, tonight's not the night, because she's now cozy and clean in her pajamas, still in my house. Whew!

(If anyone sees a three year old wandering past their house with a Barbie suitcase please send her home.)


ccap said...

I'll keep my eyes open. :-)

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness. That's just too sweet and pathetic all at once.

Simply Coll said...

When I was 5 and my sister was 3 we decided to run away. We hide under our neighbour's porch. I remember we brought crackers to eat and everything. This was definitely a planned get away. The neighbours dog found us out and that was the end of our little adventure. Afterwards, I can still remember staring down at the floral carpet as my mom and dad gave us a lecture. I don't remember the lecture.. but I can sure remember that carpet.

Linda said...

I tried to run away a few times. Whenever my mom would get mad at me, I'd run to my bed and fantasize about running away, what I'd need, where I'd go....zzzzzz. When I woke up, the plans never materialized.